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Oktober um Plenty of records for the southern part of Britain with the East Anglia in particular filling up nicely.

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We now have records from the north-west around Silverdale, which is as far north as they were recorded last year, but there are still plenty of opportunities to add more records to the map, particularly in the north-east and north-west. Nicolas J. Vereecken and Dr.

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This project builds up on a previous EU-wide survey Dellicour et al. We would like to include more sequences and therefore samples from single hornet nest selection of 10 populations across the Single hornet nest, including i locations where the first specimens were recorded along the Dorset coast, ii locations where we have sampled earlier, and iii new locations within the current-day distribution and on the margins of the expansion front.

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What is required to perform the study? We need a minimum of 5 specimens, ideally males, from each location sampled. Females can be sampled too if the males are more difficult to find locally.

How can you collect samples? We will provide you with a little kit of vials and ethanol to store the specimens.

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The bees should be netted, or collected with any other method that does not degrade their DNA. What about sending the samples?

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All samples will be gathered together by Stuart Roberts and they will then be handed over to the Brussels team Prof. Vereecken, Dr. Patrick Mardulyn and Mr. Jolan Vancoppenolle, the MSc student.


The analyses will be performed from this winter onwards, and all results will be available by next Summer. Thank you very much to you all for your collaboration single hornet nest we are hoping to make this UK-focused study on the Ivy bee a success!

Clearly, we've kicked a very formidable hornet's nest. Da ist mehr als ein Stich. There's more than one cut. Es war wie It was like a stake in my heart.

UK Contact: Stuart Roberts spmr[at] msn.